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PhD workshop

Important Updates for the PhD Workshop:

Overall aim:

– developing profiles of the specific PhD project to identify strength and weaknesses
– networking between PhDs students
– PhD profile: As a workshop`s product, the profile of each PhD project will be elaborated on a poster (±100x70cm). The template will be provided.

Preliminary Timetable

08.45-10.15 Plenary Session
10.45-12.30 First Sessions
13.30-15.15 Second Sessions
15.45-17.30 Plenary Conclusions

To be submitted by PhD students (until Jan 15th):

  1. Written description of PhD project (max. 10 pages)
    1. Content: problem setting, research question, hypothesis, theoretical background, research design, research methods, status of your research, problems faced and (optionally) your CV.
    2. Please also include what needs/expectations you have from the mentors (Discuss/Deliberate in broad, generic terms with the other participants in the workshop;Share with the other participants, as “good advice”/lessons learned; and Get specific guidance from us and/or the rest of the group on – be it on finding/identifying and framing a problem, methodology, supervisors, time management, PhD fatigue, publishing, etc.)
  2. Brief presentation of PhD project (7min only)
  3. Motivation picture (show a spatial situation of something that should be prevented by planning). For the introduction round.

Please submit the additional information (3 points above) in one file (word/pdf) at Conftool.upload-second-file-conftool

The second PLPR full-day PhD Workshop takes place on Monday, 20th Feb 2016.

Highlights are:

  • mentoring from experienced researchers
  • hands-on work on your PhD project
  • social and networking activities with your peers in the workshop

The workshop is aimed at PhD students, at any stage, whose research is relevant to the intersection between planning, law, and property rights. We look forward to receiving applications from students in Real Estate, Geography, Urban Planning, Law, Political Science, or other related fields.

The workshop is organised by Jingjing Ruan (Department of Real Estate & Construction, HKU), and Nikolaos Soultanidis (Department of Real Estate & Construction, HKU). Andreas Hengstermann  (Bern University, Switzerland) supports the efforts as PLPR PhD coordinator.

General information


The conference fee is $150USD for students which includes the reception, conference lunches and tea breaks.  Reduced fees are available for PLPR Association members (membership is free).

Students admitted to the PhD session may enjoy free of charge:

  • breakfast & lunch on the day of the workshop
  • FREE accommodation at a hotel in Hong Kong for the duration of the conference (these costs are borne by the local hosts – (1) Faculty of Architecture & (2) Department of Real Estate & Contruction at HKU)

For all other activities during the conference the general conference fees apply – travel costs and other expenses (e.g. dinner) are to be covered by the participants.

Application procedure

PhD students (at any stage) can apply to participate in the workshop. Please note that the workshop is an extension of the PLPR Conference – not a stand-alone event. In order to participate, you will be required to submit an abstract and present at the conference itself. As such, passing the abstract review process is a prerequisite for participation. Our additional requirements for workshop participants is that you submit an extended description of your PhD project in order to provide a basis for discussion at the workshop itself.

In total, you are asked to submit three documents:

  1. Your abstract for the paper you wish to present at the conference.
  2. A short description of your PhD 1-3 pages, including: research topic, (sub-)discipline, research question, and abstract (may be the same abstract as above, but has to be submitted separately to the database).
  3. An extended description of your research. Not more than 10 pages, including problem setting, research question, hypothesis, theoretical background, research design, research methods, status of your research, problems faced, and (optionally) your CV.

In order to submit your work, firstly create an account at ConfTool (without direct submission). In a second step, follow this link to submit your abstract, and upload the short description of your PhD (due October 14, 2016). For submitting the extended description of your PhD research, you may visit the submission overview and upload the additional file to the submission conducted in step 2 (due January 15, 2017).


The timeline for submission for the PLPR 2017 Conference in Hong Kong and the PhD workshop is as follows:

Key dates
Submission opens September 1, 2016
Deadline for submission of conference abstract and short PhD description October 14, 2016
Notification of acceptance November 21, 2016
Deadline for submission of extended PhD description and for registration for the workshop January 15, 2017

No extensions will be granted on any deadline.



We are pleased to announce that the participants of the second full-day PhD Workshop at a PLPR Conference will be mentored by:

  • Mark Oranje (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
  • Tejo Spit (Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Tzu-Yuan Chao (Stessa) (The National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
  • Christian Strauß (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Germany



As the price level in Hong Kong is quite high, the organizer provides the accommodation for the duration of the conference (only) to accepted participants. The accommodation will be in a specific hotel close to the HKU. The name of the hotel will be announced soon (shared rooms by 2 individuals).