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The PLPR 2017 Conference in Hong Kong will take place at the Knowles Building (google maps link) at the University of Hong Kong. The Knowles Building houses the Faculty of Architecture and the Department of Real Estate & Construction which are the conference organizers.

knowles building


The University of Hong Kong


The University of Hong Kong is the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong. It was founded in 1911, and opened in 1912 with teaching programs in medicine, engineering, and arts. Since then, the University has grown substantially, and now embraces a very wide range of teaching and research programs. In 2014-15, the student population of the University (including postgraduate students) was approximately 27,200 headcounts and the academic staff population was around 1,230 headcounts. There are ten faculties: Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences.


The Faculty of Architecture


Currently, the Faculty of Architecture offers programmes in its three departments and two divisions that cover breadth and depth in the professional as well as the academic research fields of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction, Conservation, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.

The Department of Architecture offers the undergraduate programme of Bachelor of Architectural Studies and the accredited professional programme of Master of Architecture. The Department also offers Postgraduate Research degrees of MPhil and PhD.

The Department of Real Estate and Construction offers the professionally accredited undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Surveying, the Postgraduate Master of Science in Construction Project Management, Master of Science in Real Estate, and Master of Science in Integrated Project Delivery and Postgraduate Research degrees of MPhil and PhD.

The Department of Urban Planning and Design offers the Bachelor and Masters of Science in Housing Management. It also offers other Masters Programmes including the Master of Urban Design, the Master of Science in Urban Planning and the Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning. MPhil and PhD degrees are also offered.

The Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes offers the Bachelor of Arts in Conservation. It also offers Postgraduate Masters programme of Master of Science in Conservation, Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation, and Postgraduate Research degrees of MPhil and PhD.

The Division of Landscape Architecture offers the Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture, the Master of Landscape Architecture and Postgraduate Research degrees of MPhil and PhD.

How to get there by metro (MTR):

Take the Island Line to the HKU Station. Make your way out of the station via Exit A2. Upon reaching the campus, follow  the University Street on your left hand to the Knowles Building.