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Special Session: Governance of Land Use

Governance of land use: between place and flows

Session Chair: Dr.-Ing. Christian Strauß, Berlin, Germany


Land use is influenced by a high variety of institutionalised activities. However, relevant policy fields in Europe – regional, agricultural and environmental policies, in particular – differ with regard to levels of activity, involved actors, topics, targets, instruments and governance modes. Although comprehensive planning and management instruments exist and sectoral activities have tended towards more integrative approaches over the last few years, an overall integrative system still does not exist. Therefore, there are still challenges to improve the interrelations of supra-local institutions, regional governance modes and property rights of private land owners.

Against this background, the paper session suggests a framework to discuss governance strategies with regard to the different concepts of “governance of space and place” and “governance of flows” in order respond to new challenges like energy transition, regional value chains and material flow management. It thus should be suitable to cope more adequately with land use conflicts, facing current challenges like economic and social changes of values, migration and demographic impacts. With its interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, the session is structured around the topic of Sustainable Land Management.

Sustainable Land Management seeks to combine sectoral policies and practical needs in an integrated approach, thereby paving the way for institutional innovations regarding governance modes and instruments. Methods consist in enhancing the knowledge about interfaces between diverse policies and in discussion processes with society groups, strengthening the intersectoral dimension of land use planning and governance.

After an overview of the results of the 13 case studies of the German funding programme “Sustainable Land Management” (www.sustainable-landmanagement.net) the session is addressing contributions from scientists and practitioners dealing with questions of sustainable land governance in order to reflect on similarities and differences. The session ends with a discussion about differences and similarities in the results. Tentative titles of the presentations could be:

  • Conflicts of land owners against the institutional background
  • Integrating energy governance into land use governance
  • Combining land governance and regional value chains
  • Material flow management and land use
  • Interrelations within the nexus of water and land use
  • Institutional influences on regional land governance

Dr.-Ing. Christian Strauß
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research ZALF
Institute of Socio-Economics
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